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Grand Slam Universal’s Information Technology (IT) Division combines the power of innovation with the predictability of proven methods to design technical solutions that solve business problems.  From enterprise architecture design to enterprise service desks, GSU’s solution driven services meet any organization’s technology needs and demands when and where they are most relevan

GSU offers comprehensive Information Systems (IS) consulting services to our clients as they become more and more dependent on their systems. Our Information Systems group assists our clients in dealing with the complexity and changeability of the industry as technology changes in order to keep their systems up-to-date. Example of IS components are:


  • Computer Hardware

  • Hardware Backup 

  • Computer Software

  • Databases

  • Telecommunications

  • Video Teleconferencing 


Grand Slam understands that Information Systems handle the flow and maintenance of information supporting their business. The information contained is a valuable property and must be safeguard and accessible. Examples of Information Systems are:


  • Transaction Processing Systems (TPS)

  • Knowledge Work Systems (KWS)

  • Office Automation Systems (OAS)

  • Decision-Support Systems (DSS)

  • Management Information Systems (MIS)

  • Executive Support Systems (ESS)


GSU knows that complete and accurate information is a necessity to survive and prosper in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Our clients demand dynamic collaborative networks, highly customized hardware and software products and services, and end-to-end process controls. Customers require automated means to control operational business processes in order to manage and oversee their operations in an efficient and effective way.


Grand Slam stays on top of rapid developments in information technology that led to application types that simply were not feasible just a few years ago. These developments span the range from basic computing and communication technology through a broad spectrum of data and process management technology all the way to complete frameworks for enterprise information systems and e-business systems.


Grand Slam Information Systems group focuses on systems design to support business processes by:


  • Researching the market base

  • Analysis and documentation of client requirements

  • A balance between theoretical foundation and practical application

  • Harmonizing client requirements with emerging technologies

  • Ensuring process modeling, architecture design and software management as focal areas.











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