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GSA 736 Multiple Award Schedule

Contract: 47QREA20D000P

Grand Slam has a proven record of high-quality support throughout our history as a company. We provide administrative support services, skilled technical assistance, support medical staff, management consulting, training, coaching, and temporary staffing support.  Some of our customers are the United States Department of Agriculture, Army Corps of Engineers, Department of the Army, and a number of other federal clients. GSU focuses on the intersection of people, process, and technology to offer our clients a superior experience with program management, organizational improvement, IT solutions, and workforce staffing support solutions. 

We provide diverse and cost-effective personnel solutions, IT, and organizational improvement solutions to government and industry clients including:

  1. Providing program management and administrative support services, including providing clerical, educational, accounting, logistics, and training support to quasi-governmental, commercial, and government clients throughout the United States. 

  2. In providing process improvement solutions through the conscious and careful management of organizational change, human performance improvement, business process improvement, competency model development, custom training & leadership development, and team development.


Effective collaboration, communication, and oversight are the foundation for maintaining and managing processes, improving on an established baseline, and understanding how these practices contribute to satisfying multiple contractual obligations. These processes are absolutely critical for developing higher quality products, more effective risk management, and improved service. In support of these needs, Grand Slam utilizes Microsoft’s SharePoint technology for the management and collaboration of its projects. SharePoint allows users to company information, forms, training, and provides the ability to work collaboratively on the same efforts.  This capability provides added value for our customers. We are able to facilitate the close, teaming environment while managing programs and personnel across the domain.

The company’s staff size has been variable depending upon the backlog of work that we have been able to attract. We have operated with as small as a crew of 2 to a high of 18 personnel to perform contract work. We have a good relationship with our current and past employees and we strive to maintain effective communication. 

Grand Slam is a stable, responsible contractor. In the case of emergency, injury, or unforeseen circumstance ever occurring, for which the company may be liable, we have General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

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